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Commercial Projects
Packing Conveyor

This project consisted of a case conveyor for a new cherry packing facility with approximately 60 powered conveyors.  Innovative provided a complete electrical install and controls package allowing for more efficient coordination and installation.  This resulted in cost savings to the customer and project completion ahead of schedule.

Strip Mall

This project consisted of 3 identical buildings. Project was bidder design and we were able to reduce the customer’s costs substantially with our installation.


The Boeing Conveyor project was a relocation of 1000' of conveyor (previously installed by our Vice President 20 years ago). This project consisted of a new motor control panel and relocating existing motors and controls.


This project consisted of installing a new shipping and receiving reversible conveyor for beverages. Innovative Electric wrote and provided the operational PLC program. We are able to monitor this conveyor from Seattle and make changes to the program as requested by the customer in Alaska.


We install electrical for both above and below ground fuel tanks. We have installed everything electrically associated with marine, aircraft and automobile gasoline and diesel dispensing systems. We have worked on many convenience stores, gas stations and their car washes, installing leak monitors, gas dispensers, card readers, POS systems, networking, telephone, video monitoring and communications systems. We can even repair projects damaged by accidents after we installed them.


For this Oregon project we provided the electrical and controls for a conveyor sorting system utilizing bar code scanning to sort over 90 varieties of pears.

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