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Customer Comments

At Innovative Electric, Inc., we have a lot of fans of our work. Here are just a few samples of what some of our customers had to say about us and our work.

"It has been a pleasure working with Innovative Electric over the past decade.  We have depended on Gunnar and Jim to handle the entire electrical control portions of the many sewer and water pumping facilities we have constructed over the past few years. We have been rewarded with top quality and successful projects.  Innovative Electric's  performance, communication, attention to detail, cooperation, and problem solving has contributed to our excellent reputation in this business.  Equity Builders looks forward to many more years of successful projects with Innovative Electric."

- George Hochstein/Owner - Equity Builders LLC

"I have been working with Innovative Electric for 20 years. The reason I have worked with Innovative for so many years boils down to dependability, integrity, competency and quality.

We are often called upon to perform under some very difficult conditions and time frames. ... I can always depend on Innovative Electric to be right in the thick of things regardless of the circumstances. They quality of work that they perform is first rate.

I use Innovative Electric because I know I can count on them to perform"

- John Tometich - Northwest Handling Systems

"Innovative Electric is a top notch company. It is a pleasure to be associated with an organization of this quality."

- Jim Johnston - City of Mt Lake Terrace, WA

"Once again it is my pleasure to acknowledge Innovative Electric for their hard work, attention to detail, and problem solving on all of our petroleum projects through the last 10 years. Gunnar, Jim and Donna thank you all for making this a very professional working atmosphere and always being there when called upon.

When I think back on some of our petroleum projects we have completed together I wonder how you ever pulled it off, but you did, and we appreciate this very much.

It has been a pleasure working with a very high quality and knowledgeable electrical contractor as yourselves and look forward to many more years of service. Keep it up guys."

- Tom W. Carroll
- Sr. Vice President Petroleum Sales & Operations
- Pacific Environmental Services Company


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